From compliance to job-specific training to setting up career roadmaps,
Unius helps your new hires get productive more quickly

Hire top-quality staff and spend
less time training them

Unius is a robust, secure and cost-effective solution to automate
your hiring and training processes


    Efficiently scan & select
    suitable candidates and
    introduce them to your business


    Allow your staff to create
    achievable goals and track
    their progression


    Ensure your employees
    are compliant with up-to-date
    regulations and policies

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    Unius Use Case Solutions

    Our happy customers

    • Liverpool Mutual Homes is one of the largest housing associations in the UK managing over 15,000 homes and investing over £900 million to improve homes and build new ones.

      Our challenge was to implement a virtual learning environment, where training could be coordinated, administered and reported on from a central data repository at group wide level.

      One of the main benefits for LMH is that Unius allows our staff to easily create personal development plans and set measurable career goals which can then be approved and tracked by their supervisors through a range of reporting tools. Unius Gamification features kick in to make the whole process more engaging and create a competitive environment within the company.

    • At Yellow Pages, one of the main goals was to implement a corporate online training system within a short roll-out period of just 6 weeks, where YP employees across all regions could be trained to the same standard, while at the same time trainees could join the programme at any time of the year.

      Unius was successfully used to pre-select and train over 120 sales candidates over the course of 4 weeks. After implementation, there was an improvement in competency levels amongst their staff leading to a 23% increase in YP sales in Q4 2015.

    • Ukraine is a large market for Hyundai with over 300,000 cars sold every year and with over 4,000 staff at the local dealerships and after-sales service providers, it is important to keep the quality standards high. Our challenge was to make this happen using the most modern and engaging e-learning technology.